The Holeshot SX has been carefully designed and painstakingly developed to dominate on hard-packed motocross tracks. Key to this process was the extensive input of several National-caliber race teams and riders, who specifically requested a tire that could excel on this type of MX course. The drier, slicker and faster the track surface+a very common condition in todayªs racing environment+the greater an advantage the Holeshot SX rider will enjoy. The new Holeshot SX is being offered in both front and rear configurations, each with its own unique characteristics yet built to perfectly complement each other as a package.

The 18x10-8 rear Holeshot SXªs advantages start with a specially reinforced carcass that minimizes stretching while maintaining a flat profile, thus providing consistent feel and performance without a sacrifice in ride comfort. A new (RR˜ tread compound has been formulated, and after extensive testing has proven to provide unmatched hard pack performance as well as surprisingly long tire life (getting more motos out of a set of tires was a primary goal). The SX tread pattern uses more tightly spaced knobs to increase the tire contact patch, while the redesigned knobs themselves have been laterally sipped (thinly cut) to yield twice the number of biting edges than any Holeshot tire thatªs come before. Finally, the shoulder knobs utilize a new tapered shape that offers greater control during corner transitions.

The 20x6-10 front Holeshot SX also incorporates a tighter knob pattern and sipped knobs for an increased contact area, improving steering response as well as braking control in hard pack conditions. The new rubber compound helps to keep the knob edges sharper longer, while the reinforced carcass also magnifies cornering precision. A secondary benefit of this new carcass design is that it allows for lower tire pressures than in the past, enhancing ride comfort as well as steering traction. 



Front: 20x6-10
Rear: 18x10-8