Strongest Beadlock, Brightest Colors

The new STI HD5 Beadlock wheels are designed to deliver the ultimate combination of strength and style. In new Machined & Gloss Black, and Matte Black finishes, the HD5 Beadlocks are available for today’s high-performance heavyweight UTVs. The wheels feature a reinforced inner bead lip for durability, and the beadlock hardware is beefed up for increased tire-clamping pressure.To deliver a customized look, you can choose from a wide selection of colored beadlock rings. There is one to match your vehicle, from RZR orange to Can-Am yellow to Kawasaki green. And a raw ring option lets you finish the ring in any color you need. These are the same durable and easy-to-install rings that come stock with the new HD5 Beadlock wheel. Add the optional full-coverage center cap in matching colors or in black for an even more unique look. And, yes, you can mix any color ring with the optional colored or black full-coverage center cap.

  • Beadlock ring receives strengthened hardware for increased tire-clamping pressure
  • Each wheel’s inner bead lip is reinforced for durability
  • 1000-pound load ratings can handle today’s heavyweight UTVs
  • Use OEM lug torque specifications for all applications