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Based on the proven Maxxis Mudzilla tread design.

Zilla provides mud-slinging traction

Increased center tread provides a smooth ride on the trails.

Great traction combined with excellent braking characteristics and very predictable high-speed performance

Very lightweight, yet durable 6-ply rating allows for quicker acceleration while maintaining Maxxis' legendary durability.




22x10-9, 6 PLY 

25x11-9, 6 PLY 

24x8-12, 6 PLY 

25x11-10, 6 PLY 

22x11-10, 6 PLY 

25x8-12, 6 PLY 

25x10-12, 6 PLY 

26x11-12, 6 PLY

26x9-12, 6 PLY 

27x9-12, 6 PLY

27x11-12, 6 PLY 

28x10-12, 6 PLY

28x12-12, 6 PLY

26x9-14, 6 PLY 

26X11-14, 6 PLY 

27x10-1, 6 PLY

27-12-14, 6 PLY

26x9-14, 6 PLY 

26X11-14, 6 PLY 

28X9-14, 6 PLY 

28X11-14, 6 PLY

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