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Race proven in the Grand National Cross Country race series.

The front tire features a raised center ridge to provide precise steering, while side knob placement offers superb handling and cornering capability.

Racing compound delivers superior traction while extending tread life.

Solid knob design improves traction and reduces tread squirm.

Available in both 4 and 6 ply for optimum puncture resistance.

Two-sided, full-color hot patch on front and rear.

Knobs extend the entire section width for maximum surface traction.- (Rear)




21x7-10, 4 Ply (F)

21x7-10 , 6 Ply (F)

22x7-10,  4 Ply (F)

22x7-10, 6 Ply (F)

22x8-10, 4 Ply (F)

23x7-10, 4 Ply (F)

23x7-10, 6 Ply (F) 


20X11-8, 4 Ply (R)

20x11-9, 4 Ply (R) 

20x11-9, 6 Ply (R)

22x11-9, 4 Ply (R)

22x11-9, 6 Ply (R)

20x11-10, 4 Ply (R)