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Raised outline white lettering.
Massive tread bars, give the maximum traction in mud and a smooth ride on hard pack surfaces.
Specifically designed tread pattern constructed to flex more in mud accumulating areas.

A full 1.5 inch of tread depth.

6 Ply rating for worry free puncture resistance.
Rim guard for maximum protection.
Reinforced carcass ridge (RCR) technology delivers strength, reduces weight and sheds mud.
Step-down tread pattern adds to the lug strength.

Deep shoulder wrapping tread bars give the traction needed to pull through deep ruts.

When mounting oversized tires on your ATV be sure to check for proper fitment and tire clearance.




25x8-12, 6 PLY 

25x10-12, 6 PLY 

26x9-12, 6 PLY

26x12-12, 6 PLY 

27x9-12, 6 PLY 

27x12-12, 6 PLY 

28X8-12, 6 PLY 

28X10-12, 6 PLY 

28X12-12, 6 PLY

30X9-14, 6 PLY

30X11-14, 6 PLY

Example of the Mudzilla mounted on the Motorsports Trooper Wheel




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