The MSA R-Forged F2 is a one-piece rotary forged aluminum wheel that is heat treated to ensure zero porosity and perfect weight balance for the highest possible ride quality in the industry. Each wheel is machined to exact tolerances before painted in deep satin black paint. The weight of our MSA R-Forged wheels vary depending on your bolt pattern. Because all MSA R-Forged wheels are exposed bore, the larger the lug pattern is (wider), the larger drop in weight you will experience. Our Rotary-Forging process allows us to alter the alloys on a microscopic level. By changing the molecules of aluminum to lay in a tighter tissue format, we are able to increase load bearing capacity, decrease weight and improve strength properties so that each and every wheel is literally better than any one-piece wheel on the market. See for yourself. Racer proven, ride ready. Backed by a full lifetime structural warranty, you bend it or break it, we replace it.

  • Machined satin black paint
  • Matching satin black nameplate
  • Lifetime structural warranty