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Interco SwampLite ATV Tires

All terrain tire - mud, snow and hardpack...

Super strong 6 Ply construction for longer wear and rugged durability!  New, more aggressive stair step pattern.

Built rim guard protects your wheel from dings and dents while also preventing dirt from wedging between the tire and rim.

Wide-open, extra-deep 2- stage lug and super-aggressive, self-cleaning tread pattern for unmatched traction and handling when the going gets Tuff!

Specifically designed tread pattern constructed to flex more in mud accumulating areas.

Massive tread bars, give the maximum traction in mud and a smooth ride on hard pack surfaces.

Step-down tread pattern adds to the lug strength, and helps in reverse having more edges to grip terrain. 

V Forward tread pattern for better steering stability

Deep shoulder tread bars give the traction needed to pull through deep ruts.

Embossed Condor logo on sidewall.

Unique tread pattern allows consistent center tread contact  as well as deep, angled shoulder lugs to deliver superior, trail-friendly handling and a smooth ride with excellent traction.

22" through 29.5" with 12" and 14" wheel options.




25x8-11, 6 ply

25x10-11, 6 ply
25x8-12, 6 ply

25x10-12, 6 ply

26x10-12, 6 ply

26x12-12, 6 ply

27x10-12, 6 ply

27x12-12, 6 ply

28x10-12, 6 ply

29.5-10-12, 6 ply

27x9-14, 6 ply

27x11-14, 6 ply

28x9-14, 6ply

28x11-14, 6ply