Interco Aqua Torque Tire


Designed for better stability and traction in water.

A tire designed primarily for use on amphibious vehicles but with features that also offer excellent performance when used on regular ATV Quads.

The design was to produce a tire that would improve a vehicles skid steering ability

The tread design as tied in to the sturdy sidewalls gives a quick steering response with little or no rolling under of the tire in severe turning

Traction in mud, snow and sand is exceptional and even with the aggressive design the tires give a smooth ride. The Aqua Torques are constructed to be highly resistant to damage from cuts and impact and all kinds of hazards.

The largest paddles protrude beyond the sidewall along with sidewall blades which offer even more sidewall protection.

Advanced heavy duty rim guard.

Available in size 25-12-9.


Interco Aqua Torque