ITP TerraCross R/T XD (Extreme Duty) TireITP TerraCross R/T XD (Extreme Duty) Tire




ITPªs hugely successful TerraCross R/T tire line features the XD (Extreme Duty) construction + an extra sidewall ply and increased sidewall and tread rubber thickness for improved puncture protection. The rubber compound itself is new, too, with an extended-wear formulation for much longer tread life. This tire combines the TerraCross R/Tªs proven performance with more  durability and reliability.  The 14-inch sizes are UTV rated at an impressive 1000-pound maximum load capacity per tire at 12 psi, while all 12-inch sizes are now UTV rated as well.


The ITP TerraCross R/T utilizes radial construction for an ultra-smooth ride, significantly enhancing operator comfort and confidence on hard-pack surfaces. And with its unique, interlocking tread pattern and wide footprint, the TerraCross R/T also delivers exceptional traction and flotation, making it ideal for mud, snow and sand. Another TerraCross R/T highlight is its wrap-around shoulder lug design, which provides excellent sidewall protection and grip when navigating trails with large ruts or rocks. And despite its super-tough 6-ply construction, the TerraCross R/T is surprisingly light in weight. Itªs the best of all worlds: highly capable and reliable in loose and rugged conditions, yet smooth and sure-footed on smoother terrain!

TerraCross XD Radial Trail

25x8R-12, 6ply

25/10R-12, 6-ply

26/9R-12, 6-ply

26/11R-12, 6ply

25/9R-14, 6-ply

25/10R-14, 6-ply

26/8R-14, 6-ply

26/9R-14, 6-ply

 26/11R-14, 6-ply


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