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  The latest in sand tire design and technology.  Both the front and rear Sand Stars are loaded with the latest in sand tire design, technology and construction.  Most noticeable are the molded-in ITP logos and the bright yellow Sand Star sidewall logos. Underneath you'll find an extremely lightweight yet durable carcass and special rubber compound that combine to deliver an ideal level of flotation, flexibility and cornering capability. 

For the ultimate sand dune setup, mount these awesome new Sand Stars to ITP's new 10-inch C-Series aluminum wheels, the most unique, stylish, lightweight and bulletproof sport-riding wheels around.


Front tire:

Innovative patent pending "dual rib" tread design provides unmatched steering control

Lightweight carcass provides maximum flotation

Rear Tire:

8-paddle, 30mm, patent pending "dual scoop" design features full width primarily and 8 "mini" scoops that provide much quicker "hook-up" and maximum acceleration

This patent-pending combination creates a much quicker and more effective hook-up and acceleration

Lightweight, flexible carcass provides excellent floatation and less drive train drag

The first 22-inch molded tire available, ideal for open-class dune shooters such as the Kawasaki KFX700


Sand Star