ITP QuadCross MX Pro Lite


A pound lighter in front and two pounds lighter in back than the previous QuadCross MX PRO model - a monumental difference considering the standard tire was already one of the lightest on the market.

The QuadCross MX PRO Lite also features a new 2-ply carcass utilizing a sidewall apex design that stiffens the sidewall during side loads without compromising ride quality. Acceleration, braking, cornering and overall balance and feel have all benefited from this new carcass.

A tried-and-true tread pattern, especially on hard-packed track surfaces.

The rear QuadCross MX PRO Lite comes with an all-new rubber compound as well, a high-tech formulation that offers superior grip while still delivering extended wear characteristics. This is not just a softer tire that hooks up well for three laps and is then ready for the dumpster! This is a pro-level tire now being made accessible to all racers.

Quadcross MX Pro Lite

20x6-10 (front)

18x10-8 (rear)


A multi-time winner on the national race scene under Team Monster Energy Kawasaki and Team Yamaha's Dustin Nelson, who were instrumental in the development of this tire.


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