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ITP Mud Lite (AT & XL)


Cutting edge technology and all-around performance at an unbeatable value.

Pure trail tire handling combines with pure mud tire performance

Computer designed and made in the U.S.A.

Embossed logo in tread

The lightest 6-ply rated Mud/Trail tire available.

Unique tread pattern allows consistent center tread contact  as well as deep, angled shoulder lugs to deliver superior, trail-friendly handling and a smooth ride with excellent traction.

The Mud Lite tire is renowned for its all-conditions abilities, as adept at mud running as it is at trail riding.

All-around performance and long-distance durability come together in an amazingly light tire+much lighter than its comparable mud tire competition.


ITP Mud Lite (XXL)


**The Mud Lite XXL provides all the benefits of ITP's standard Mud Lite line, including phenomenal all-conditions traction and handling, exceptional 6-ply durability and a smooth, radial-like ride, but with its taller profile and super-aggressive 1.3-inch-deep lugs, this is an extreme tire for extreme machines in the most extreme conditions.


Mud Lite


(3/4" lug)


(1 1/8" lug)


(1.3" lug)


22x8-10 AT, 6-ply

23x8-10 AT, 6-ply

23x8-11 AT, 6-ply

24x8-11 AT, 6-ply

24-8-12 AT, 6 Ply

25x8-11 AT, 6-ply

25x8-12 AT, 6-ply


22x11-8 AT, 6-ply

 22x11-9 AT, 6-ply

22x11-10 AT, 6-ply

 23x10-10 AT, 6-ply

24x11-10 AT, 6-ply

24x9-11 AT, 6-ply

24x10-11 AT, 6-ply

25x11-10 AT, 6-ply

25x12-9 AT, 6-ply

25x10-11 AT, 6-ply

25x10-12 AT, 6-ply

27-12-10 AT, 6-ply


25x8-12 XL, 6-ply

26x9-12 XL, 6-ply

26x10-12 XL, 6-ply

27x9-12 XL, 6-ply

27x10-12 XL, 6-ply

28x10-12 XL, 6-ply

27x10-14 XL


25-12-11 XL, 6-ply

25x10-12 XL, 6-ply

25-12-12 XL, 6-ply

26x12-12 XL, 6-ply

27x12-12 Xl, 6-ply

28x12-12 XL, 6-ply

27x12-14 XL




30x10-12 XXL, 6-ply

30x10-14 XXL, 6-ply


30x12-12 XXL, 6-ply

30x12-14 XXL, 6-ply




22-7-10SP, 6-ply


20-11-9SP, 6-ply



*ITPªS popular Mud Lite tire is now available in two new 25-inch XL sizes. Previously available only as an AT model (shallow lug) in the 25-inch size, the new deep lug XL model provides significantly more performance when conditions become especially challenging. An excellent choice for OEM tire replacement, this new tire comes in 25x8-12 and 25x10-12 sizes.


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