ITP Monster Mayhem ATV Tires

     The Monster Mayhem has wickedness in its DNA. Like its forebears - the ITP Mayhem and Mega Mayhem - this latest incarnation stalks in quietly on a unique tread pattern that that gives it a smooth, quiet approach on harder surfaces. And you always know it's a Mayhem if you can get close: just look for the distinctive, tribal-inspired, embossed markings on its sides.


* A 30-inch-diameter mud/trail tire with 1 3/4-inch-long claws ready to strike fear in the heart of any mudhole.

* The Monster Mayhem's lightweight 6-ply carcass lets it pounce with exceptional acceleration, braking and maneuverability.

* Extremely hard to bring down due to its uncanny stamina.

* 1.75-inch tread depth -

* Two sizes: 30x9-14 front and 30x10-14 rear.

* Like the rest of its family, the Monster Mayhem was conceived and uncaged in America.

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