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Our tallest high-performance trail riding and racing knobby. 3 Available in one front and three rear sizes.

Aggressive tread pattern for even more impressive cornering ability.

Perfect for rough, rocky desert terrain

Features special Rim Guard to protect wheel and help prevent air loss.

Extremely puncture resistant thanks to heavy-duty sidewall.



Front: 23x7-10, 4-ply
Rear: 22x11-8, 6-ply
Rear: 22x11-9, 6-ply
Rear: 22x11-10, 6-ply


The combination of the 23-inch XCT fronts and 22-inch XCT rears offer better control, more ground clearance for trail obstacles and ruts, and improved traction in loose terrain. They are also among the most durable and flat-resistant tires weªve ever ridden on. If you are looking for a good all-around knobby tire combination that is virtually flat-free, long-lasting and offers superb handling, then the new XCT tire line should interest you.˜+Dirt Wheels Magazine