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Now more durable and puncture resistant

High-performance off-road knobby.

Ideal for todayªs 4-stroke sport machines!

6-ply tough yet light in weight.

Lower in profile, narrower and lighter than our XC/XCT models.

Special angled shoulder knob design provides increased side bite for faster, more controllable cornering.

Perfect for GNCC-type riding and racing conditions.

6-ply tough yet light in weight.

Available in three sizes for rear tire applications.



(When it comes to cornering, it was clear that the angled knobs on the XCRs made the transition to sliding much easier than the standard knob pattern on the XCs. a We felt the XCRs are a great choice for machines like the SporTrax 400EX and the coming generation of mid-sized, high-performance thumpers. They are a little shorter, narrower and weigh less than the XCs. This narrower footprint, taller knobs and lighter weight help give them an edge in overall acceleration.˜+Dirt Wheels Magazine


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