High Lifter - Radial Outlaw Tire


Deep, sharply angled tread bars with a cupped leading edge for maximum traction and a paddle-like effect in mud.

Over 3,000 biting edges on the extensive siping allow for superior traction in most environments. The sipes on the Radial Outlaw are designed to meet the trail at a 90 degree angle for maximum traction on even slick surfaces.

Alternating lugs wrap 3 inches down the sidewall for an extended pulling area that allows riders to gain traction on the sides of ruts or on rocks.

6-ply radial construction providing a wider and longer footprint.

The larger footprint minimizes ground pressure per inch (flotation) and maximizes traction.



Due to the weight and size of this tire, please contact us for correct fitment on your ATV

SORRY BUT WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON THE OUTLAW ATV TIRES except for rare occasions of manufacture defect.