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1 1/4 deep cupped lugs for maximum traction

Tread wraps around tire to increase sidewall traction.

6 ply rating


Due to the weight and size of this tire, please contact us for correct fitment on your ATV

Special offset wheels, lift kits and/or wheel spacers may sometimes be requires to install these tires.

SORRY BUT WE DO NOT ACCEPT RETURNS ON THE OUTLAW ATV TIRES except for rare occasions of manufacture defect.



25-9.5-12, 4-ply

25-12-12, 6-ply

26x10-12, 4-ply
26-12-12, 6-ply

27-9.5-12, 6-ply

27-12-12, 6-ply

28-9.5-12, 6-ply
28-10.5-12, 6-ply
28-12.5-12, 6-ply

29.5x10-12, 6-ply

29.5x12-12, 6-ply

31x11-14, 6-ply

31x9.5x14, 6-ply


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