The GBC Dirt Devil makes the perfect tire for all around riding conditions. 

Aggressive design, awesome performance in mean terrain.

"XT" Dirt Devil denotes larger lug size and

 provides excellent ground clearance.

Dirt Devil tires are available in a wide

selection of sizes to fit almost any ATV

All sizes are 6 ply rated


SIZING: Dirt Devil

22x11-8  AT

22x11-9  AT

22x8-10  AT

22x11-10  AT

23x8-10  AT

23-10-10  AT

23-8-11  AT

24x11-10  AT

24x8-11  AT

24x9-11  AT

24x10-11  AT

25x12-9  AT

25x12-10  AT

25x8-11  AT

25x10-11  AT

25x8-12  AT

25x10-12  AT

26-10-12  XT

26-12-12  XT

27-12-10  XT

27-10-12  XT

27-12-12  XT

28-10-12  XT

28-12-12  XT



These sizes and prices are listed below

for each un-mounted ATV Tire