Essex Surefoot Tire

Today's bigger 4 wheelers and Utility Vehicles require tires that carry more load and resist punctures better. Typical ATV tires are low pressure balloon tires with soft sidewalls for comfortable riding. They need to be over inflated, aren't stable on side hills and are more vulnerable to puncture with heavy weight loads. Essex has designed tires especially for these increased loads.


Reinforced sidewall stability

Kevlar belted runflat puncture protection

Made specifically for today's heavily utility quads and dressed 500+cc ATV's


1/18" lugs on the 27" and 25" that eat up any terrain yet run fairly smooth on hard surface

5/8" lugs on the 26" (medium traction but are very smooth running on turf and hard surface)

27" Surefoot Tire

26" Surefoot Tire