The OEM tire choice for Bombardier and Yamaha.

Built on (Blackwater˜ type casing, the Trail Wolf achieves a 4-ply rating through an extra-thick sidewall, and features Carlisleªs patented Rim Guard design, making this the most puncture-resistant trail tire on the market today.

Harder rubber compound means you realize better wear and longer intervals between replacement.

Very economically priced, the Trail Wolf is the best value in replacement tire choice today.

The predictability of the Trail Wolfs while sliding through fast fire-road corners is on par with much lower-profile (racier) configurations. The sidewall thickness is no doubt the reason for this added control. That design makes them durable, too. Try as we might, we have yet to puncture or rip a sidewall in our testing.˜+ATV Sport Magazine.

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