Carlisle AT489
The OEM choice for Polaris and Arctic Cat.

Great shock absorption capabilities

Outstanding traction for both 2WD and 4WD applications.



23x7-10, 3-ply
23x8-10, 3-ply
22x11-10, 3-ply
23x10-10, 3-ply
24x11-10, 3-ply
24x11.5-10, 3-ply

25x11-10, 3-ply
23x8-11, 3-ply
24x8-11, 3-ply
24x9-11, 3-ply
24x10-11, 3-ply
23x8-12, 3-ply
23x10-12, 3-ply

24x8-12, 3-ply
24x11-12, 3-ply
25x8-12, 3-ply
24x9-12, 3-ply
25x10-12, 3-ply
26x10-12, 3-ply

Individual prices listed below: