A great All-Purpose terrain radial tire. Designed for both wet and dry conditions - (The ACT is an aggressive tread radial tire designed to perform exceptionally in every type of trail condition that you might encounter, including the more extreme conditions like mud, snow, and ice..) Sidewall design ensures a smooth ride and the lug design keeps it quiet. used as an OEM tire on many Polaris & Can Am model ATVs right from the factory It's radial construction provides a very smooth ride and helps the tire wear longer. If you do moderate trail riding and need something to perform in a variety of riding conditions, this is a great choice. It will give you the traction you need when you need it, but not so aggressive that you sacrifice your ride or fuel mileage.


*Great all purpose ATV Tire.
*Excellent for trail and mud conditions.
*Designed for both wet and dry conditions.
*3* rated (3* is equivalent to a 6 ply)
*Radial construction
*OEM tire of choice for many brands of Quads.
*Sidewall design ensures a smooth ride, lug design keeps it quiet