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KENDA KLAW (K532/K533)

Developed with a variation of the Klaw pattern, the front have been track tested and race proven to be the perfect set-up to compliment the rears. -K532

Specially designed knobs and pattern provide perfect hook-up and performance for a mix of terrains ranging from cross-country and motor-cross, to short course racing. -K533

Unique dual rotation tread design allows for maximum performance in either soft to medium terrain or medium to hard terrain. -K533



Kenda Klaw

20X6-10, 4 Ply (F)

21X7-10, 4 Ply (F)

22X7-10, 4 Ply (F)

23X7-10, 4 Ply (F)



18X10.5-8, 4 Ply (R)

20X11-8, 6 Ply (R)

22X11-8, 6 Ply (R)

18X10.5-9, 4 Ply (R)

20X11-9, 6 Ply (R)

22X11-9, 6 Ply (R)

20X11-10, 6Ply (R)

22X11-10, 6Ply (R)