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Patented split-knob design make this one of the best performing knobbies around.

Features special Rim Guard to protect wheel and help prevent air loss. Extremely puncture resistant thanks to heavier-duty sidewall.

The 20x11s feature a 4-ply rating, utilizing an extra belt for added puncture resistance.

One of the most-copied ATV tires ever. Don¦t settle for cheap imitations. Accept only the genuine, original Holeshot!



Front: 21x7-10, 2-ply
Rear: 20x11-8, 4-ply
Rear: 20x11-9, 4-ply
Rear: 20x11-10, 4-ply


"This original tire pattern was designed for racers but is more popular with the sport/trail crowd. It¦s been proven to be a good all-around tire and features predictable handling and cornering. It¦s also a decent mud tire."·Dirt Wheels Magazine