Designed with a 1" deep lug.

Based on the Super Swamper tread design but engineered for muddier conditions.

Spaced out lugs provide even better clean-out.

Overlapped lugs are great in every terrain and the Vampire is 6 Ply that makes it flat resistant.




24x9-11, 6 Ply

25x9.5-10, 6 Ply

25x9.5-11, 6 Ply

25x9.5-12, 6 Ply

25x13.5-10, 6 Ply

25x12-11, 6 Ply

27x12-12, 6 Ply

26x9.5-11, 6 Ply

26x12-10, 6 Ply

26x12-11, 6 Ply

26x12-12, 6 Ply

27x10-10, 6 Ply

27x10-11, 6 Ply

27x10-12, 6 Ply

27x12-11, 6 Ply