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STI Mud Trax tires


Super-aggressive tread design features deep, angled, grooved lugs to achieve an exceptional level of traction.

Wide spaced lugs offer great traction and exceptional clean-out in the mud while the "v" shaped center lug provides a surprisingly smooth ride

Aggressive shoulder lugs will help pull you through the deepest of ruts

Extra tough 6-ply carcass utilizes a new extended wear rubber compound for unmatched durability, tread-life and load capacity


Mud Trax

25-8-12, 6ply

25-10-12, 6ply
26-10-12, 6ply
26-12-12, 6ply
26-9-12 XL, 6ply
26-11-12 XL, 6ply
26-9-14 XL, 6ply
26-11-14 XL, 6ply
27-9-14 XL, 6ply
27-11-14 XL, 6ply