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Designed with a 1" deep lug.

Based on the Super Swamper tread design but engineered for muddier conditions.

Spaced out lugs provide even better clean-out.

The deep lugs give longer tread life and an unsurpassed forward, reverse and lateral traction.

The Vampires are so strong they continue to run under most load conditions even when punctured.

Overlapped lugs are great in every terrain

The 4ply tire with the strength and resist to punctures of the 6 Ply"



22x12.5-9, 4 Ply

22x12.5-10, 4 Ply

24x9-10, 4 Ply

24x9-11, 4 Ply

25x9.5-10, 4 Ply

25x9.5-11, 4 Ply

25x9.5-12, 4 Ply

25x13-9, 4 Ply

25x13-10, 4 Ply

25x12-11, 4 Ply

25x12-12, 4 Ply

26x9.5-10, 4 Ply

26x9.5-11, 4 Ply

26x9.5-12, 4 Ply

26x12-10, 4 Ply

26x12-11, 4 Ply

26x12-12, 4 Ply

27x10-10, 4 Ply

27x10-11, 4 Ply

27x10-12, 4 Ply

27x12-11, 4 Ply

27x12-12, 4 Ply

28x10-12, 4 Ply

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