Gorilla Silverback MT2 ATV Tire

The next generation to our extremely aggressive Silverback with improvements in lug design and ride that are unmatched in the ATV tire market. We have successfully combined the Pulling Power of the original Silverback with a smooth ride of an All Terrain. In doing so we were also able to maintain the Silverbacks aggressive mud characteristics such as clean out, superior side wall traction for deep ruts and unmatched traction in all types of mud. To achieve this unparalleled combination, we collaborated with Interco Tire having nearly 50 years in the development of offroad tires and gave it the “Silverback Touch”. This collaboration has produced the most aggressive, smoothest riding true mud tire on the market today.

  • 2” lugs across the entire contact surface
  • A 3 stage lug design that allows for aggressive mud traction and a smooth ride
  • Bead to bead lug design for full sidewall traction
  • Flattened profile increase ride quality and improve lug longevity
  • True 6 ply rating for added puncture resistance
  • True to size with 7 PSI
  • Competitive pricing to other so called “mud tires” that are actually just all terrains